«First Step Guide» for User Interface & User Experience Designers
to create more secure systems and services which people can trust.

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More security by design

Security in User Interface Design? How should this happen? Aren’t these business or «Code Decisions»? Something within hardware, code inside our applications, new «Business Models» or something that an update will fix? Wrong. Every new service we create, every new interface we are working on has consequences depending on our decisions. If designers don‘t ask questions like «Why do we need this data?» or «Should we tell the user what we do?», nobody will. It will go final and in worst case live and people will use it.

That this kind of «Irresponsible Design» is happening is shown by several examples and great talks like «How Designers Destroyed the World» by Mike Monteiro.So keep the Testimonials and Steps in mind when you create new amazing things. The project is a result of the course «Designing for Trust and Security» by Prof. Frank Heidmann and Andreas Thom (MA), developed in winter semester 2014.


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To create a secure space for users to try your new great idea, trust is what they need to join you. »The Trust Testimonials« easy steps to give you a basic understanding what you can do to influence users to give your idea a try.

Security Steps

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Users who trust you with their data is what lets your idea become to live. They are more than numbers and you should treat them accordingly. »Security Steps« will give you a golden thread to create a more secure environment for your users.

For everyday use the »UX Security Archive« will soon provide you with examples from the User Experience Environment about security issues and literature.